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Further Maths Day U3&4 2017

Spend the day discussing, applying and renewing the major components of the core section and each of the modules you have studied during the year.
The Further Maths Day will be held at Monash University, Clayton Campus in September 2017. Date to be confirmed.
The day's format will consist of 6 individual sessions (2 on the core and i for each other module). Book in for the day and only attend the sessions that are relevant for you. The timetable for the day is as follows:

9.30   - 10.20    Geometry and Measurement

10.30 - 11.20    Matrices

11.30 - 12.45    Core (Statistics)

1:00   - 1:50     Core (Recursion and Financial Modelling)

2.00   - 2.50      Networks & Decision Mathematics

3.00   - 3.50      Graphs and Relations

Full details will be available shortly. Please check back soon.


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The details for this program will be announced soon

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