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If you are wondering about the benefits of attending our programs just take a moment to read through some of the comments made by students who have attended various Access Education revision programs.

Programs: VCE Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision
VCE Units 3 & 4 Essential English
VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision
VCE Year 12 Summer School

Feedback from Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision

Concise and informative and value for money.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Kurnai College

It gives a good summary of the content that has been learned and the areas that students struggle with most.
Year 12 Psychology student, Sacred Heart College, Kyneton

It was extremely helpful in giving more of an understanding on Unit 3 and giving easy ways to revise at the end of the year.
Year 12 Biology student, Yea High School

It was absolutely amazing. Such a great presenter who broke the course down really well! I think it was beneficial and I'm glad I chose to attend this lecture.
Year 12 Chemistry student, St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College

It was extremely informative and comprehensive and gave me great revision notes.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, South Gippsland Secondary College

Lecturer was excellent, tips were both motivating and helpful and strategies were achievable and memorable.
Year 12 English student, Bayside Christian College

This session has been very helpful for my students and will compliment their Unit 3 revision homework for this break. Thank You. PS. I wasn't expecting Unit 4 info - a bonus!
Year 12 Health & Human Development teacher, East Loddon P-12 College

Excellent coverage - good supply of notes - great examples used - awesome interaction with audience.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Beaconshills College

Feedback from Essential English for VCE Units 3 & 4 

The lecturer went into depths on areas that are important to do well in the exam such as stagecraft (for No Sugar).
Year 12 student, Mornington College

The lecturer explained the details of the novels really well, and told us how we can succeed in the exam..
Year 12 student, Flinders Christian Community College

Thorough explanation and examination of the text from another perspective is fantastic.
Year 12 student, Galen Catholic College, Wangaratta

The length of the lecture and the content that was covered within the presentation was superb. It was motivating, factual and extremely helpful.
Year 12 student, Bendigo Senior Secondary College

The lecture is presented by an examiner that give a wider understanding to how they mark and common mistakes that most people make.
Year 12 student,Elisabeth Murdoch College

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Feedback from VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision Program

The lecturer is amazing! He provided awesome notes and is very knowledgeable! Showed me key concepts from a different perspective and this lecture was absolutely worth my time!!
Year 12 Biology student, Pascoe Vale Girls' College

It was very informative and detailed. The lecturer was very funny, entertaining and gave helpful tips.
Year 12 Health & Human Development teacher, Ivanhoe Grammar School

OMG, the best I've ever been too! Amazing, thank you.
Year 12 Legal Studies student,Thornbury High School

Best lecturer; entertaining, enthusiastic, affable and relentlessly engaging. Excellent with helping to grasp concepts and appreciate the subject beyond the scope of VCE.
Year 12 Biology student, Alkira Secondary College

Good revision source, useful tips for the exam, helpful notes and summary of units.
Year 12 Geography student, Mornington Secondary College

The presenter is really, really good. #thebest #helpful.
Year 12 Business Management student, Noble Park Secondary College

A great revision of the year's essential information.
Year 12 Computing: Software Development student, Victory Christian College, Bendigo

Brilliant revision material and exam tips that are valuable when aiming to get full marks. Also very good cases for examples.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Ave Maria Geelong

Very well presented and good visual examples and areas to work on for exams, and experience from a VCAA marker.
Year 12 Business Management student, St Joseph's College, Mildura

Awesome presenter. Loved the detailed booklet with detailed questions. Thank you.
Year 12 Further Maths
student, Bellarine Secondary College

Great session. Presenter full of knowledge in Chemistry!
Year 12 Chemistry student, Sacred Heart College, Geelong

The presenter was clear, knowledgeable and amusing. The examples of writing that were given were really helpful - glad I came. Thank you!
Year 12 English student, Clonard College

Was really helpful and cleared up all of my questions regarding the PE exam.
Year 12 Physical Education student
, Penola Catholic College

Excellent notes, relevant example, very knowledgeable lecturer, awesome use of technology.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Pascoe Vale Girls' College

Widened my knowledge on how to write a close analysis, different approaches to revising, useful/worthwhile study, great presenter, good workbook, close focus on techniques.
Year 12 Literature student, Diamond Valley College

The lecture gave the students great advice on not only the structuring of our essays, but also what to include and what to watch out for.
Year 12 English student, Pascoe Vale Girls' College

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Feedback from VCE Summer School

The presentation gave me an insight into how I am going to tackle VCE - without overwhelming myself.
Year 12 Ultimate Guide to VCE Success student, John Paul College

The lecture was in depth and well aimed to VCE Psychology students. Not only did it teach the study design but how to use our resources too.
Year 12 Psychology student, Killester College

Good summary about the year ahead. Provides a brief summary and gives you a heads up about the coming year and topic. The lecture notes help a lot.
Year 12 Physics student, Catholic College Sale

It was a very insightful and detailed lecture, extremely engaging, made you want to stay longer..
Year 12 Physical Education student, St Mary of the Angels, Nathalia

Great visuals, good questions and exercises, presenter was very knowledgeable and explained things very well in detail.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Box Hill Senior Secondary College

I feel more confident about the coming year thanks to the lecturer's advice and knowledge.
Year 12 Maths Methods student, The Hamilton & Alexandra College

Great insight into course to give confidence!
Year 12 Chemistry student, Camberwell High School

Gave an excellent overview of the content and made us aware of tips and tricks that will help.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Sacre Coeur

Great introduction to Unit 3 / 4 Biology and provided many tips on revision strategies and where to find useful resources. Engaging presenter.
Year 12 Biology student, Beaconhills College

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