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If you are wondering about the benefits of attending our programs just take a moment to read through some of the comments made by students who have attended various Access Education revision programs.

Programs: VCE Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision
VCE Units 3 & 4 Essential English
VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision
VCE Year 12 Summer School

Feedback from Mid-Year Unit 3 Exam Revision 2015

Concise and informative and value for money.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Kurnai College

It gives a good summary of the content that has been learned and the areas that students struggle with most.
Year 12 Psychology student, Sacred Heart College, Kyneton

It was extremely helpful in giving more of an understanding on Unit 3 and giving easy ways to revise at the end of the year.
Year 12 Biology student, Yea High School

It was absolutely amazing. Such a great presenter who broke the course down really well! I think it was beneficial and I'm glad I chose to attend this lecture.
Year 12 Chemistry student, St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College

It was extremely informative and comprehensive and gave me great revision notes.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, South Gippsland Secondary College

Lecturer was excellent, tips were both motivating and helpful and strategies were achievable and memorable.
Year 12 English student, Bayside Christian College

This session has been very helpful for my students and will compliment their Unit 3 revision homework for this break. Thank You. PS. I wasn't expecting Unit 4 info - a bonus!
Year 12 Health & Human Development teacher, East Loddon P-12 College

Excellent coverage - good supply of notes - great examples used - awesome interaction with audience.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Beaconshills College

Feedback from Essential English for VCE Units 3 & 4 2015

Was a good way to summarise the novel - key ideas, characters and themes and go over how to revise for the exam.
Year 12 student, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

Very beneficial lecture, loved it! Will take a lot from this. Very passionate presenter. I liked how the lecturer included us in the discussion, she asked us questions and we were involved.
Year 12 student, Catholic Ladies' College

I came into this lecture feeling stressed about this novel as we studied it at the beginning of the year and having attended the lecture I feel like I have a deeper and renewed understanding.
Year 12 student, Padua College

Tips for approaching the essay were fantatstic and helped clarify as to how to take on the exam.
Year 12 student, Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Very knowledgeable, experienced and smart lecturer. Amazing lecturer.
Year 12 student, Lavalla Catholic College

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Feedback from VCE Units 3 & 4 End of Year Exam Revision Program 2015

The lecture was beneficial and the presenter was awesome. BEST PRESENTER!! Good revision and set of notes.
Year 12 Psychology student, St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College

It was a perfect lecture. I thought the presenter's knowledge was phenomenal and also how he explained what is required for study scores and the way to approach each style of question boosted my confidence. AMAZING LECTURE!
Year 12 Maths Methods teacher, Parade College

Really detailed and engaging! Relevant information but taught in an engaging way. Ten out of ten!
Year 12 Biology student, St Columba' College

I feel a high study score is now possible..
Year 12 Psychology student, Mt Erin College

Excellent lecturer and it is very interesting to listen to the person who wrote your text book.
Year 12 History Revolutions student, The Peninsula School

It was awesome. Very informative, helpful ways of approaching the exam, provided insight on aspects of the exam I hadn't considered.
Year 12 English student, Presentation College Windsor

Everything was covered very well in the time we had. The lecturer was so good! He really knows his stuff and had a great way of getting the message across.
Year 12 Psychology student, Marian College

The information provided was very valuable, interesting and informative! It has most definitely helped me understand the concepts, ideas and 'musts' for the English exam.
Year 12 English student, Christian College Geelong

Just overall amazing and resourceful, LOVED IT
Year 12 Biology student, Alkira Secondary College

Access Education always produce good lectures. Well paced, practical exercises and a great way to apply outcome knowledge throughout. Good tips throughout the presentation.
Year 12
Health & Human Development teacher, Seymour P-12 College

Lecturer made difficult concepts so accessible and interesting for the entire lecture! Lecturer appeared so comfortable and confident with the topic.
Year 12 Physics student, Mt Beauty Secondary College

AMAZING! Gained so much confidence! The notes are fantastic!
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Academy of Mary Immculate

Highly informative, covered entire course and gave detailed tips on exam preparation and exam process.
Year 12 Chemistry student
, Camberwell Girls' Grammar School

The lecture when over the entire course and helped me pinpoint the sections I need to revise. Extremely helpful in a content heavy subject.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student, Buckly Park College

Great lecturer, knows his stuff. Great to hear from another point of view. Great tips and advice.
Year 12 Geography student, Minaret College

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Feedback from VCE Summer School 2016

I left feeling highly motivated and ready to hit the ground running with my studies.
Year 12 Ultimate Guide to VCE Success student, The Peninsula School

Entertaining and educational!
Year 12 Biology student, De La Salle College

Very knowledgeable and motivating lecturer - thank you very much!
Year 12 Chemistry student, St Paul's Anglican Grammar School

Very easy to sit through, great knowledge, easy layout of course outline and great tips and advice on how to handle English this year.
Year 12 English student, Flinders Christian Community College

It was a great confidence boost for entering Year 12.
Year 12 Further Maths student, Sacred Heart College, Kyneton

The presenter was fantastic - knew what she was talking about - kept students entertained and gave brilliant advice and exam practice. Gained lots of valuable information.
Year 12 Health & Human Development student

Very helpful especially if you are stressing over the subject. Provides helpful tips and tricks to it helps people to get ahead and obtain a better understanding of the subject.
Year 12 Legal Studies student, Oxley Christian College

The lecturer was so knowledgeable and made it all 'click' for me - thank you!
Year 12 Maths Methods student

Preenter was honest and motivating and gave lots of tips on the year ahead as well as going into great depth on content and key topics.
Year 12 Physical Education student, St Francis Xavier College

The lecturer was very good and thorough with her presentation and I left the lecture feeling far more prepared for the subject.
Year 12 Psychology student, St Leonards College

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