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Mid Year Lectures 2019

You only have one chance to achieve your best in your VCE and ACCESS EDUCATION is pleased to offer you a unique and comprehensive program during the first week of the July School Holidays.

The ACCESS EDUCATION Mid-Year Lectures will ensure that you are not only on track to achieve your personal best, but it will also give all the tools needed to ensure that you have the ultimate head start to your final semester of high school.

 Limited Locations- BE QUICK

  • Bundoora, La Trobe University; dates to be confirmed
  • Clayton, Monash University; dates to be confirmed

What will you access?

  • A team of highly experienced lecturers that are experts in their fields
  • Extensive and detailed 2½ hour lectures
  • A concise revision of Unit 3 to ensure that you are on the right track
  • A unique "head start" program that will give you an excellent advantage for Unit 4
  • A greater level of confidence
  • Subject specific study notes prepared by your lecturer
  • General and subject specific study/learning strategies
  • Presenters will be available to answer your individual questions personally after each lecture 

Each presenter has written an outline of what will be covered in his/her lecture which can be viewed by selecting the subject you are interested in e.g. English.

There is a lot to cover in these 2½ hour sessions so we do ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure a prompt start.




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