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Kevin McMenamin

BScEd, GCMME, PDMME, Head of Maths, Mentone Grammar School 
Kevin has taught in various schools for the past 20 years. His teaching experience with mathematics is across all levels of secondary school in all subjects of mathematics and into the first year of university. He is currently Head of the Mathematics Department at Mentone Grammar School, Victoria and the use of technology is prominent within his classroom. During the last 15 years, Kevin has presented mathematics based lectures to senior students and teachers and he is a regular presenter at conferences down the east coast of Australia. He is involved in assessing Year 12 Mathematics examination papers and has authored materials specifically related to Mathematics. He also delivers professional development sessions to Mathematics staff and students on the workings and uses of CAS technology. He provides expertise in the handling of the technology and offers suggestions of how to best use the device in delivering courses.


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