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Sonia Goodacre

BAppSci, BEd, Director of Teaching & Learning and Health & Human Development teacher, Plenty Valley Christian College

Sonia has been a teacher of Health and Human Development since 1999. Teaching in both secondary Schools and TAFE, she has taught a wide range of students from a variety of different backgrounds and abilities. She is an author of two texts for the current course: Cambridge VCE H&HD Unit 3 and 4; and Cambridge VCE H&HD Unit 1 and 2. Sonia has been a member of study design reaccreditation panels as well as being involved in the review process of the current course and has had experience as an exam VCAA assessor. She conducts a number of sessions through Access Education, PEAK Phys Ed, Cambridge and the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) to assist other teachers with planning assessments and coursework for Units 1–4. Sonia has been presenting for Access Education since 2003.


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