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Peter Farrar & Annie Wilson

Peter Farrar - BA (Hons), Dip Ed 
Senior Legal Studies Teacher, Star of the Sea College, author Oxford University Press 
Peter has taught VCE Legal Studies for over 20 years. He has also served in senior leadership roles at a variety of schools and has extensive experience in curriculum development. Peter has authored/co-authored over 30 books, for Oxford University Press, Jacaranda Wiley and Cambridge.

He is also an educational consultant and has worked on the production of materials for the Transport Accident Commission and the Federal Court of Australia.
He is actively involved with the VCTA, and has presented sessions at its Comview conference on a regular basis since 1992, and in past years, has performed editorial work on the ComNet and Compak resources. Peter is passionate about learning and teaching and is a skilled practitioner in devising resource materials to meet the needs of students across the range of learning styles.

Annie Wilson - BEd (Legal Studies and Commerce)
Annie is a passionate and experienced teacher who has taught Legal Studies for 35 years. She has been the author/co-author of many Legal Studies and Civics and Citizenship textbooks for Oxford University Press, Jacaranda Wiley and McGraw-Hill and has written and edited an extensive range of VCE Legal Studies resources including practice examinations, learning activities and legal updates for independent publishers and teachers’ associations. Over the years, Annie has presented numerous professional learning programs for Legal Studies teachers and student revision lectures. She has also been the Legal Studies Subject Editor for the VCTA’s Compak resources and is a co-author of Oxford’s ‘Justice and Outcomes’ and ‘Access and Justice’ textbooks.


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