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Lynne O'Brien

B.App.Sc. (Human Movement); Grad Dip Ed; Grad Dip In Mov’t and Dance; Post-Grad Studies in Ed Studies (Student Welfare), Senior School Teacher, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School, VCAA Examination Assessor
Since studying Exercise Physiology and Human Anatomy during my undergraduate degree, I have been fascinated and  absorbed by the world of sport and the remarkable achievements made by athletes of all disciplines. I have taught Senior Physical Education for over two decades in two States and overseas during my International teaching experience in Singapore. I have been a VCE Examination Assessor for VCAA for 10 years and have sat on the Exam Panel for VCE PE, contributing to the writing of the 2013 and 2014 examination papers. I enjoy the stimulus of presenting different study tools and ideas for improving students’ knowledge and understanding of Physical Education related concepts.


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