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Luisa Lipsia

BA (Hons), Grad Dip Ed (Sec), Legal Studies teacher, St Bernard's College
Luisa Lipsia is an accomplished and current VCE Legal Studies teacher, also teaching across 7-10 Commerce/Humanities at St Bernard’s College and is an experienced VCAA assessor. She is also a co-author of Making and breaking the Law; Unit 1 and 2 Legal Studies and has recently worked as a Sessional Academic at Monash University (Education Faculty).
Luisa has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at Monash University majoring in Criminology and Philosophy/History. In her years as a teacher she has taken part in curriculum development and is active in her passion for authentic and innovative curriculum, particularly in Human Rights Law, through partaking in events such as Model UN Conventions and Regional, State and National Constitutional Conventions. She has a keen interest in Positive Psychology in Education and Growth Mindset awareness. Prior to her becoming a teacher, Luisa worked within the Supreme Court of Victoria as a Trust Officer for the Senior Master’s (Funds in Court) Office.


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