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Lynne O'brien & Rhonda Mallinder

Lynne O'Brien
B.App.Sc. (Human Movement); Grad Dip Ed; Grad Dip In Mov’t and Dance; Post-Grad Studies in Ed Studies (Student Welfare), Senior School Teacher, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School, VCAA Examination Assessor
Since studying Exercise Physiology and Human Anatomy during my undergraduate degree, I have been fascinated and  absorbed by the world of sport and the remarkable achievements made by athletes of all disciplines. I have taught Senior Physical Education for over two decades in two States and overseas during my International teaching experience in Singapore. I have been a VCE Examination Assessor for VCAA for 10 years and have sat on the Exam Panel for VCE PE, contributing to the writing of the 2013 and 2014 examination papers. I enjoy the stimulus of presenting different study tools and ideas for improving students’ knowledge and understanding of Physical Education related concepts.

Rhonda Mallinder
BEd (Physical Education), Senior Physical Education Consultant
My passion for Track and Field athletics and the support and of my own teachers when I was a student instigated my desire to become a successful Physical Education teacher. My drive and enthusiasm still continues to this day.
I have taught Senior Physical Education for over three decades. I have been a VCAA Examination Assessor for 17 years. I was a member of the VCAA Physical Education Curriculum Design Panel who created the current VCE Physical Education. For the past 10 years I have worked closely with VCE Physical Education teachers to assist them in the development of their skills in delivering the Physical Education curriculum to their students and preparing them for assessment. I really enjoy working with and assisting students to improve their knowledge and skills when responding to assessment tasks.


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