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About Us

Over the 21 years since ACCESS EDUCATION began we have helped many, many thousands of VCE students.  In 2014 more 16,000 tickets were purchased to attend our lectures.  This is a result we are very proud of and believe it to be a demonstration of the high regard in which we are held within schools around Victoria. 

We are constantly working to engage highly qualified teaching professionals to present our extensive range of VCE lectures to you at each of the convenient locations. A quick look at Our Team clearly shows the length and breadth of the experience of the team as VCAA assessors and leaders in their field.

Our lectures are held at key times throughout the year at venues across Melbourne as well as in five major centres covering all major regional areas of Victoria. At present we offer lectures at 13 different locations through Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

The lectures themselves are designed to help you achieve the success you deserve, by

  • * Highlighting recurring themes that run through each Unit and demonstrating how an understanding of these themes can amplify your understanding and explanation of concepts
  • * Explaining the most important concepts in each Unit as selected by their weighting in recent exams
  • * Demystifying concepts that tend to confuse students
  • * Covering concepts that are not well covered in textbooks
  • * Suggesting 'memory devices' for better recall of key facts and exam techniques of particular relevance to the subject

Each lecture is supported by a succinct set of revision notes specifically prepared by the presenter of each lecture - a valuable reference as you prepare for your exams. The dictionary defines notes as a brief record of something written down to assist the memory or for future reference. Notes are what is needed when your revision time is precious - not a 200 or 300 page generic document which is almost the size of another textbook.

Our prices are affordable and any booking of 5 or more tickets (in any combination) enjoys a significantly reduced price per ticket. Refer to each program for specific prices.

The quality of our programs and our long standing reputation mean that Access Education enjoys the endorsement of La Trobe University, Monash University, the Swinburne University Deakin University and Federation University.

Click here for links to these universities and other important sites for VCE students

       Monash University