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Scam Warning

We are aware that in recent months there has been a rise in the number of unsolicited calls (or scam calls) being received from an organisation calling themselves “Access Education Melbourne” that offer government grants and free online courses. 

Please note that these calls are NOT coming from our organisation, Access Education. We are small family run business that provides education resources to VCE and HSC students and teachers throughout Victoria and NSW since 1994.

We suspect that an organisation operating from overseas is running a scam. The calls appear to be made from an international call centre and the number they are calling from is withheld. They request personal details and have been known to ask for passport information.  

The lack of information about this organisation makes contacting them or targeting them for enforcement extremely difficult or even impossible. Organisations running scams like this from overseas are usually outside of the authority of the Australian regulators and law. And unfortunately, putting your number on the Do Not Call Register will not stop these types of scam calls to your phone number. 

Help us to stop these scam calls.

As you may well understand, we are very concerned about our company name being associated with this, but also that the people they are targeting may be affected. At this stage we have been unable to put a stop to it as we have nothing to go on - no official company name, no working phone number and no fixed address. We are seeking legal advice but unfortunately it seems there is not much we can do.

Protect your personal and financial details and never provide them to anyone calling your number you are not completely certain about. If you are contacted by this organisation and/or manage to find out a phone number or any additional information please inform our staff on 1300 338 222 or via email

Also, we encourage you to report any scams to, an independent website run by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC). SCAMwatch provides information to consumers on how to recognise, avoid and report scams. Anything reported to SCAMwatch will be analysed and acted on by the ACCC. They can also be contacted on 1300 795 995. Reporting scams is really important to minimise the chance of others being affected.